New September 13

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New September 12

Blasts from the past!

1975 Topps mixed grade set. Not in order, should be complete. Sale $74.95

Off grade 1976-77 Topps complete basketball set sale $74.95

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Griffey, Michael Jordan Starting Lineup and more. Griffey Metal card sets sale $6.95 each!

Awesome 1970’s collection of basketball, baseball, and football!

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This looks nicer than a 5. Sale $99.95! SOLD!

New September 9

WOW!!!!!!! Another DJ’s customer just pulled a Markelle Fultz autograph, this time it was a 1/1 printing plate!

1969 Seattle Pilots program $24.95. Seattle Mariners Safeco Field snow globes SGA $19.95 each.1997 Topps Baseball factory set sale $49.95. a


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